Highbrow Roofing
Highbrow Roofing

Minimise your risks of being caught out by cowboy tradespeople

By following these simple rules you can reduce your risks of losing your money or having a bad experience with a trades person


  • Employ Highbrow Roofing!
  • NEVER EMPLOY cold callers or doorstep salesmen!
  • Get at least 3 independant estimates on headed note paper with address of usual business
  • Talk to previous customers and view previous work
  • Don't just go by website reviews
  • Varify membership with governing bodies
  • Question insurance cover - and ask to see recent current Insurance certificates
  • Ensure you have a written contract of works
  • Ask for before and after photographs - especially if it is roof work that you are unable to access yourself
  • Stage payments - Make sure you have an itinerary of works and when payments will be made. DO NOT pay for work that has NOT yet  been done
  • Make sure any work is within any local area planning guidelines
  • Ensure additional costs are agreed before work continues
  • Beware guarantee's on repairs
  • Always try to look at the work before final payment
  • Make lots of cups of tea!