Highbrow Roofing
Highbrow Roofing

Are you planning a new installation or a renovation, a modernisation to extend a balcony, add a conservatory or install a dormer window in your property.

Or maybe some lead downpipes or a lead hopper.

Highbrow Roofing can do all that and a whole lot more!

We will make your property wind and waterproof.

We attend speedily to your small repairs.

And you shouldn't forget about roof maintenance, where to avoid more major damage  low-cost minor interventions can usually prevent the worst.



Our services

Our roofing firm offers a wide range of services. From a new roof with lead work including lead welding through to just a bit of pointing. Take a look at the following pages and see what we can do for you - even at the dizziest of heights!

we also do listed building conservation work.

About us

The team at Highbrow Roofing is a company you can trust with all your roofing needs, woodwork and other jobs in and around the house.

We have been trading as Highbrow Roofing since 1990 and still have the same mobile phone number. We are based in South Norwood so beware of any other company of the same name.

Find out more about us, we’re always there to offer comprehensive expert service.